Monday, September 27, 2010

SAMPLE & HOLD : zoviet france / popular soviet songs and youth music

Though I prefer other Zoviet France efforts, Popular Soviet Songs and Youth Music, packaged in two slices of grey felt reminicient of Joseph Buey's tossed felt pieces from the late 60's, continues the earlier Zoviet France practice of packaging their work utilizing non-traditional materials-tin foil, wood, ceramics, roofing shingles, masonite and much more...Held together with a soviet military pin, the music on this 3-cd set made by these Newcastle, England noise dronologists is both contemporary and seemingly the result of some arcane alchemical ethnic ritual with titles that suggest the present day titular practices of Autechre...but I am amazed by the art-object packaging that is both collectable and a visual anomaly that my eye and cerebral cortex can feast upon.

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