Monday, June 28, 2010

Saturday, June 26, 2010


seventeen migs of spring - live promo 30.4.10 from zvukoprocessor on Vimeo.

I stumbled upon this video a few days ago and was immediately taken with its obvious aesthetic appeal and the sound that Seventeen Migs of Spring organically evolve, dystopian ambient soundscapes percussively punctuated with glitchy flotsam and jetsam. And like ether^ra, Seventeen Migs of Spring make use of Dimitriy Mozorov's ::VTOL:: synth/noise generators to compelling effect! For more info and to purchase their music go to

Sunday, June 20, 2010


Only produced for a few years(1977-78), the Oberheim OB-1 was the first analog monosynth to provide memory for storing patches. This may be a debatable point with the PPG 1003 in production in 1976, though with only about 10 of these made, it seems like a point hardly worthy of consideration! The OB-1 is somewhat rare,but this powerful monosynth can be found, though usually not in the condition mine is in, which is very fine indeed!(though the keyboard tranpose switch did not work, Davidson Electronics on Long Island brought it back to life. Thanks Corey!) Bass and lead sound are very impressive; the filter is quite powerful with both 2 and 4 pole operation available. Cross-modulation , similar to the Arp 2600, can produce wacked-out metallic ring-mod effects. When used in tandum with the pitch-bend lever, the cross-mod becomes an even more powerful device for producing dystopian disharmony! This is one powerful, and FAT monosynth!

Saturday, June 19, 2010


This is the latest aleatoric foray into noxious noise utilizing two of Dima's devices, the Volfram and the Corvax, along with a Folktek Bug custom-made for me by the gentlemen at Folktek. Dima's ::VTOL:: synths provide a interesting counter-point to the Bug's insectoid chatter...a fortuitous coupling!

Sunday, June 6, 2010


::VTOL:: is Dimitriy Morozov, artist, musician and electronic instrument designer whose devices are like no other. He is part of a long line of Russian electronic music innovators who stretch way back to Theremin. He typifies the Russian creative spirit,along with Malevich, Kandinsky, Stravinsky, and so many more whose impact on 20th century Modern Art provided so many who came after them with inspiration to move forward. Dimitriy, who never seems to rest, continues this forward motion, creating sound art installations, video art, music, and these wonderful devices...the Robot Synth, the Astat, the Volfram, the Hex Sequencer and so much more that add up to a small-scale modular synth system. The Russian creative spirit lives and is thriving!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Equipped with new stackable Rapid banana cables(thanks Tom Bugs!), both the Volfram and the Corvax are processed through my new Doepfer Dark Energy creating one mighty option for sonic manipulation and mayhem. The micro-modular Dark Energy's audio in presents a wonderful opportunity to further tweak Dimitriy's creations...slight knob turns and some patching options offer ambient textures, and in this case, intermittent percussive LFO/envelop screwiness! Heir Doepfer and Dimitriy Morozov...THANKS!