Sunday, April 29, 2012


Snazzy FX Dreamboat
Apocalyptic Sound Generator

Thursday, April 26, 2012

MACHINATIONS : addac complex random

The ADDAC Complex Random does random cv generation with standard or Brownian distribution. Its voltages and time intervals can be cv controlled to produce a vast array of random cv chatter that when modulated by external sources via an external clock(4MS RCD, for example) and cv inputs can produce amazing results...lots of fun, indeed!

Sunday, April 22, 2012


My three modulars, the mighty Serge, the beautiful Buchla 200e, and my Tiptop encased eurorack system offer sonic possibilities that arguably are uncontested in their timbral options. These objects of sonic aural desire are simply beautiful!

Saturday, April 21, 2012


With the arrival of the 4MS Rotating Clock Divider my Station 252 is almost complete! With trepidation, and not  a little critical choice-making in regard to hp size and interactive module function, I've attempted to squeeze as much sonic BANG out of the remaining space. Next, the ADDAC Complex Random module, a 6u Goike case...

Friday, April 20, 2012


The business of art is not about meaning something, it's simply about being.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Thursday, April 12, 2012

MACHINATIONS : trogotronic model 333 series

What the heck is this thing! Given the comic arcane text that accompanies this module at the Trogotronic site, the casual reader is left in a state of mild bewilderment and acute curiosity. Simply put(not if WT at Trog has his way!), the 333 is a three channel audio to cv generator that can "behave" as a traditional envelope follower and/or a nine step event sequencer. What it morph is up to you. Being a synth neanderthal it took me a few minutes to figure this thing out; but fear not I finally got it creating dystopian, earache inducing noise-sense that changed with every twist of a 333 knob. This mysterious module is incredible...and the lights are nice too. Thanks WT!

MACHINATIONS : the harvestman piston honda

After hearing raves exclaiming the wonderful glitchiness of the Piston Honda, as well as quite a few moans regarding its shrill sonics, I decided I wanted this digital wavetable oscillator. Not being an analog-purist(I LOVE my Buchla 200e!), the Piston Honda with its 2 on-board roms each with 256 waveforms in 16 banks and its cv controlled options, seemed a good choice. To my ears the Piston Honda sounds wonderful, featuring sonics that range from warm and fuzzy to Autechre glitch cold...certainly a fine addition to a system that already has the Tiptop Z3000 and the Synthesis Technology Cloud Generator.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

WIP : new painting

Using an earlier work as the basis for a new one sets in motion the process of new expression without the horrible, seemingly uninhabitable whiteness of a blank canvas or panel. The rotten apple, a symbol of our own fragile mortality, was inspired originally be Caravaggio's early morte indeed.

Though Modernism at its core is utopian, the spectre of change as suggested by the apple(upside down as well) quickly disavows the notion of the modernist perfection of stasis. The liquid flux that is the essence of our consumer-centered culture that is best examined in the rabid acquisition of things by the "static" nuclear family and their obsession with staying in touch via devices that are by their very nature cold and detached presents the artist with subject matter that is almost too much with us.

...let's see how this develops?

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

MACHINATIONS : SSL Modulation Orgy

New to my euro-system is the Synthetic Sound Labs Modulation Orgy, an LFO of sorts that offers tempo change and multiplication, waveform and waveform distortion, sync in, tap tempo, and voltage control of most parameters. This is not a run of the mill along with my Make Noise Maths and Wooblebug(both hybrid modulation/clock beasts), and Doepfer A-143-3 Quad LFO, there is no shortage of modulation choices!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

LINK : of interest

Another blog of interest for those interested in electronic music generally and the Buchla 200e specifically, The Woven Garden and the Electric Music Box is certainly worth following.

MACHINATIONS : make noise rene

In spite of having a Tiptop Z8000. a Serge sequencer, both Buchla 250e/251e sequencers and a Genoqs Octopus, the Make Noise Rene is quickly becoming my favorite. This "electronic signal generator" is simply a lot of fun! Named after the french mathematician/philosopher/polymath Rene Descartes, "it uses his cartesian coordinate system to unlock the analog step sequencer from the shackles of linearity," according to the manual's introducion. The option of multiple clocks, snake and pendulum location movement, and access choice or denial are just the beginning of what the Rene can do. With no clock input, the location touchpads can act as a much potential!

The usual Make Noise mystical cryptic markings that populate the surface of the Rene suggest a lost civilization or one from a distant planet; they also make functions initially hard to decipher. But once you get past them, the fun begins!..."I am Rene, pleased to meet you."