Sunday, September 26, 2010

SAMPLE & HOLD : section 25 / the key of dreams

With drones, chants, and purposeful ambiguity filled with guitar noise and synth bursts, Section 25's The Key of Dreams(1982) seems a project aimed at the future through a lens from the past. Unlike their first Martin Hannett produced album, The Key of Dreams is on first listen an enigma. Gone are the Joy Division imitations. In their place are skeletal electronics, creative minimal guitar figures, extended Jefferson Airplane "After Bathing at Baxters" freak-out explorations and gone in a blink of the eye miniatures. Vocals are compellingly pained(some may say painful!) when they are present at all. "Always Now," clocking in at 1:50 minutes, acts as a prelude as to what there is to come-loosely played drone guitar couched in what seems to be electronics, a simple lyric/message, and echoed whispers. "Sutra" and "The Beast" are protracted explorations; "Sakura" suggests the electro-sequences of 1984's "From the Hip." What is compelling about The Key of Dreams is its total lack of commercial concern. Guitar noise and noisy electronic tid-bits make for an unqualified success none the less, much like a Cy Twombly sketch.

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