Friday, September 10, 2010


Keith Fullerton Whitman's Multiples cd, subtitled stereo music for acoustic, electric and electronic
instruments, presents a compelling array of pieces for said instruments. Whitman's analogue
workouts, especially the pieces for a Serge Modular Prototype, the product of compulsive
knob-turning and patching(the Serge is a mighty
challenge; banana cable inputs/outputs serving
multiple functions depending on the patch!), are
particularly beautiful. A piece for Farfisa Compact Duo Deluxe Organ and drum suggest a busy take on Tery Riley. An acoustic guitar makes an appearance; the Buchla Music Box 100 makes memorable noises, and a Hewlett Packard Oscillator continues the analogue parade. Whitman's performances here are warm, smart
and beautifully rewarding.(see Keith Moline's
"Unstable Modules" in THE WIRE September
2010, for more info on Whitman and analogue

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