Monday, December 26, 2011

ether^ra FILM MUSIC

I am delighted to see my music being used in a filmic setting. This beautifully mysterious clip from the film-maker hellopicadilly featuring my music is quite breath-taking. See more from hellopicadilly on Vimeo.

Friday, December 23, 2011


With the arrival of the Serge Animal, my modular banana-cable mayhem continues unabated!

SAMPLE & HOLD : cabaret voltaire / three mantras

Cabaret Voltaire's 1980 release THREE MANTRAS, thought by many to be a secondary effort from this Manchester electro-dada-noise group, proves itself with history to be quite compelling. While the Eastern Mantra falls short, the Western Mantra that opens the album presents the listener with many of the sonic strategies that make Cabaret Voltaire essential listening...cracked vocals from Mal, eastern modal insectoid guitar lines from Richard H. Kirk, and all manner of noise from Chris Watson from Farfisa organ swells to dada-dystopian tape noise and synth stabs...20 minutes of essential Cab fun!..but where's the third mantra?

Saturday, December 17, 2011


Armed with both the Buchla 200e and the Serge Creature, this recent sound file presents a vision of the future imbued with the spirit of 1950's sci-fi nuclear bomb horror and the dystopian future that may well result from it. Can a metaphorical leap be unhappily made?, enjoy?

Saturday, December 3, 2011

SAMPLE & HOLD : throbbing gristle remasters

Remastered by Chris Carter, these discs finally present Throbbing Gristle as they were meant to be heard. While these discs were remastered by Chris earlier, the technology at the time did not permit the listener to fully appreciate the sonic details, each release sounding somewhat thin and harsh (as they intended?). NOW we have some warmth AND low end, without sacrificing the transgressive nature of these, no doubt, the best of what Throbbing Gristle had to offer. Each 2-disc release contains a live disc that convincingly attests to the in your face sonic dada-ism that was TG live. Somehow all the material on these remasters sound timely in a world increasingly populated by monoculturally-obsessed, unthinking sheep entertained to death.


Made from thin wood veneer, the Ray Power designed LINK-S pendant lamp made by the Spanish lighting company LZF is arguably one of the most compellingly beautiful lamps ever made. As light as a feather, this object 'd art is composed of organically sculptural moebius strips piles on top of each other producing an aesthetic object that is at once breath-taking and as thought-provoking as an Escher print. The curvilinear forms suggest any number of natural objects, but, to my eye, reference Alvar Aalto's iconic vase, another classic of 20th century design.

When the lamp is turned on (pictured), the grain of the wood veneer is displayed in all its material beauty. It is my belief that the best modern art objects are the rare ones that offer the poetry and deep pleasure inherent in simple forms brought to life by materials that speak loudly of a beauty absent and fleeting from a life unexamined. This lamp, like John Cage's "silence," offers an opportunity to embrace a magical world.