Sunday, February 28, 2010


Here's another shot of the Volfram along with some Folktek gear. Soon to be an epic video "ether^ra VTOL VOLFRAM VS. FOLKTEK DRUMSCAPE"


::Vtol:: is a project founded by musician/artist Dimitriy Morozov who resides in Moscow. He is also a creative builder of circuit bent and beautiful diy electronic instruments such as the Robosynth, the Astat glitch generator, and the subject of this blog entry, the Volfram, a semi-modular noise synthesizer and fx processor. According to Dimitriy, my new Volfram is the first of his units to make it to the United States, and I am excited and honored to be his first american customer! This patchable mini-synth is alot of fun to play with, small knob movments creating immense changes in evolving sonic detrius and waves of synthetic mayhem!...not bad for such a small unit! ::vtol:: is scheduled to play at Bent 2010 this april offering us the opportunity to see Dimitriy produce his magic live. Until then I'll be delightfully trying new patches and turning the Volfram's nine knobs coaxing new noises out of the fantastic little box. Check out his website at for Volfram demos, as well as Vimeo and YouTube. Keep checking for new ether^ra videos on YouTube using the Volfram as the primary sound source. Email Dimitriy at for info, availability and pricing.

Sunday, February 14, 2010


John Murphy Photographs

When I view John Murphy's photographs I dream of heaven, a place filled with a peculiar type of beauty...then I realize that an overwhelming sensation of uncanniness pervades each photo...difficult to define, easy to feel. The depth of field that throws the background emphatically out of focus also serves to transport the already unsteady viewer to what can best be described as a moment frozen in time somewhere in a Lynchian hallucinatory America where an unknown "something" is awry and teeming with defamiliarized possibilities all wanting to assert their primacy.

Like the obviously mechanical bird that puts a very strange period to David Lynch's "Blue Velvet," John Murphy's photographs are served up as beautiful lies that hint at truths that may be less palatable then they seem. BRAVO John!
Contact John at

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


"Our music foretells our future. Let us lend it an ear."
-Jacques Attali, Noise:Political Economy of Music (1985)


Imprisoned by snow, I'm delving into the ESPLENDOR GEOMETRIC0 BOX that recently arrived from Geometrik Records in Madrid (thanks Andres!). Filled with abrasive noise, pummeling electronically-abused beats combined with prehistoric voice samples, Esplendor Geometrico produce a compelling miasma both frightening and joyful! Japan's Captain Trips Records have done a masterful job remastering this 5-cd set, giving new life to what were originally lo-fi cassette recordings...they are now magnificent in their sonic power suggesting the powerful train illustrated on the box cover...muy bien!

Sunday, February 7, 2010


Along with his TELEMUSIK piece, HYMNEN represents one of the great seeds that have been instrumental in the development and growth of electronic music. Listening lately, I continue to be in awe of its sonic variety and challenging noises. Stockhausen intended a unifying sonic maelstrom analogous to the hoped for peaceful unification of all peoples that he envisioned...yet virulent nationalism continues to blight our world...


Don't let the sweet kitty image on the Wicks Looper lull you into a false sense of harmonic is capable of a vast array of sonic manipulations from sweet through cacaphonous. I especially enjoy the sound of the Looper through my Alexis Ineko / Korg KP3 combo. At about $120 it is a bargain and is available through ETSY from Australia. The seller / builder, rarebeasts is quick to ship if he has any Loopers available. Check for availability. The Wicks Looper is very nice indeed! See my ether^ra videos and a number by the builder on YouTube.


Electronic Pioneers

Industrial pioneers, Esplendor Geometrico have a new album that I find to be one of their best! Nicely produced, it contains all the expected EG elements from pounding tribal drums to evocative voice/vocal/speech samples that remind me of Cabaret Voltaire at their best! Stirring and challenging!