Saturday, September 18, 2010


With a wonderfully mechano-organic cover by the Quay Brothers, the trio
of B.C. Gilbert, G. Lewis, and Daniel Miller, here in their Duet Emmo form,
unleash a torrent of dystopian noise and a few electro-pop nuggets. While
some have opined this effort uneven, my estimation differs, seeing it as an
early and beautifully realized noise genre time capsule that offers glimpses
into the future from 1982. "Or So It Seems" is achingly heartfelt, Lewis'
voice filled with regret negotiating regular stabs of synth and synth noise.
The album's opener "Hill of Men" moves along like the cover's machine-
filled organic monster. "The First Person" echoes work by Gilbert and Lewis' Dome project. This album may be a "half-formed kiss" in some res-
pects, but it warrants a listen by anyone interested in the early days of the
now common noise genre...Carlos Giffoni, give it a listen...

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