Friday, September 24, 2010

SAMPLE & HOLD : Another Merzbow Records

With the pin-matrix of the EMS Putney as the idea fixe of this recording's cover art, Another Merzbow Records presents us with an historical overview of the master's analogue and digital excessive sound sweeps. Perhaps the road of excess does indeed lead to the palace of wisdom with overdriven feedback, distressed analogue synths, and horrifying frequency stabs allowing for a hyper-transgressive sonic storm bent on asserting its dissonant power and ultimate glory. Masimi Akita, who has experimented with analogue, as well a digital devices, laptops, and home-made noise contraptions, has virtually defined the noise genre with an endless discography. I looked forward to bathing in his sea of physical electronic tumult at last year's NO FUN FESTIVAL in Brooklyn; sadly swine flu fears kept him home according to an email from him to my brother. Another Merzbow Records' 3-discs offers rare cuts that never fail to satisfy my thirst for noise and with so many cuts, never outstay their welcome...a non-stop noise party for the whole family!

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