Saturday, December 29, 2012

Sound Sculpting : New Envelope Generators

In the world of modular synthesis, it seems the introduction of some new ADRS's would not seem like cause for celebration, but these two new modules from WMD and Tiptop are quite special. The WMD Multimode Envelope (w/expander) offers 9 modes of operation and numerous CV inputs that make this  module very powerful indeed! The Tiptop Z4000 envelope generator offers CV inputs and something called a DEVIATOR that sounds promising as a means of sonic sculpting and manipulation. I've found that these envelopes used in concert with almost any module can make for the creation of wonderful and varied mayhem. As This Second Sleep has stated "this is how we deform."

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Scott Walker : Bish Bosch

All shadowplay mixed with discordant jabs of odd instrumentation and noise, Scott Walker's latest opus, Bish Bosch(4AD), ranks as one of the finest releases of the year. Scott's sound pictures are dark indeed, the bastard son of Ad Reinhardt's black paintings woven through with Cy Twombly psycho-squiggles, along with healthy doses of black humor. Unlike his last release The Drift that was populated with deep architectural drones, Bish Bosch is an angular tapestry sounding not unlike modernist serial music where silence provides a backdrop for the sounds of metal guitar, clanging swords, gargantuan drums and actual flatulence. All of this is recorded with pristine detail that further enhances its immediacy, its  almost sickening expressiveness. This is beautiful brutality. Francis Bacon would be proud.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Resounding...

NO...the only viable response to an over-reaching monoculture intent on imprisoning its inhabitants in a world of breath-takingly mundane sameness. The only free man is one who says NO to the "choices" foisted upon us...choices so lacking in compelling richness and so imbued with corporate talking points hoping to separate us from our money and our individuality that the only positive response can  be NO, NO, NO, NO!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Moskwa Bipolar Rotosequencer

Given my eastern european roots, I am more than a little proud and elated to see the XAOC line of euro-rack modules make it to the U.S. AND quite please to see them now available from the fine gentlemen at CONTROL Brooklyn. The Moskwa has a prominent place in my new Goike mothership!
Get "em while you can at CONTROL on Lorimer Street...take the Moskwa for a spin!

174hp Goike Case

After hours of detaching, attaching, and making choices regarding the placement of modules(what Matthew Goike termed "moving in."), I am nearing the moment I can power this king of euro-cases up. It should provide a wonderfully dystopian light-show and quite a racket!