Wednesday, April 11, 2012

WIP : new painting

Using an earlier work as the basis for a new one sets in motion the process of new expression without the horrible, seemingly uninhabitable whiteness of a blank canvas or panel. The rotten apple, a symbol of our own fragile mortality, was inspired originally be Caravaggio's early morte indeed.

Though Modernism at its core is utopian, the spectre of change as suggested by the apple(upside down as well) quickly disavows the notion of the modernist perfection of stasis. The liquid flux that is the essence of our consumer-centered culture that is best examined in the rabid acquisition of things by the "static" nuclear family and their obsession with staying in touch via devices that are by their very nature cold and detached presents the artist with subject matter that is almost too much with us.

...let's see how this develops?

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