Thursday, April 12, 2012

MACHINATIONS : trogotronic model 333 series

What the heck is this thing! Given the comic arcane text that accompanies this module at the Trogotronic site, the casual reader is left in a state of mild bewilderment and acute curiosity. Simply put(not if WT at Trog has his way!), the 333 is a three channel audio to cv generator that can "behave" as a traditional envelope follower and/or a nine step event sequencer. What it morph is up to you. Being a synth neanderthal it took me a few minutes to figure this thing out; but fear not I finally got it creating dystopian, earache inducing noise-sense that changed with every twist of a 333 knob. This mysterious module is incredible...and the lights are nice too. Thanks WT!

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