Wednesday, January 25, 2012

SAMPLE & HOLD : john wall & alex rodgers / WORK 2006-2011

Housed in a plastic vacuum bag that thwarts easy access to the disc it contains, WORK 2006-2011(entre'acte) presents the untidy results of 5 years of improvisation by John Wall. At one point Rodgers, who supplies the text, references the Claude Levi-Strauss tome THE RAW AND THE COOKED that makes plain the shifting grounds they walk upon, the civilized and the savage, the structured and the assaulting dystopian.

The frequency range is huge with speakers menaced by low frequencies that swallow the room, and high ones that shatter like digital glass. In this sonic environ Rodgers' surreal texts are delivered dry, surrounded by a bitter silence at times, and punctuated by Wall's improvised drones and glitches. It makes for a an uneasy listen, but one that is rewarding, opening up the flood-gates of personal associations tinged with Beckettian hopelessness, mysterious emptiness, and the episodic un-nerving babble-flux that is the 21th century.

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