Monday, January 2, 2012

2011 WAS...

* deKooning retrospective at Moma...viseral virtuoso paint handling!

* Release of Throbbing Gristle remasters...thanks to Chris Carter these releases sound as they were meant to.

* Modular madness continues with the aquisition of MORE Buchla and Serge modules promising a sound world of infinitely evolving dystopia! Thanks Don & Rex!

* Some new great tracks from the shamefully under-appreciated Don Hassler on Souncloud.

* This Second Sleep releases a cd-r of sound art and "happy electronic accidents."

* Viewing Andrzei Zulawski's SZAMANKA(1996) leaves me shaken...hysterical sexuality,
violence, and religion make for a brutal, hallucinatory, retinal jab in the face!

* Richard H. Kirk's JOHNNY YESNO remixes are compelling AND hallucinatory.

* Sale of much unused gear(Folktek, Oberheim, Nord...) helps make room in the ether^ra
studio and helps finance MORE modular dementia!

* SLOWLY producing small paintings filled with my love of Goya and Robert Ryman.

* Read FUG YOU by Ed Sanders and was transported back to the late 60's when the Lower
East Side was a walk on the wild side you might not survive!

* Finally got my hands on an over-priced copy of Allen Strange's seminal work on modular
synthesis, ELECTRONIC MUSIC(1972).

* Used up all my free time on Soundcloud producing 1:30 pieces of "music."

* Rarely touched my trusty Klein electric guitar!

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