Saturday, December 3, 2011


Made from thin wood veneer, the Ray Power designed LINK-S pendant lamp made by the Spanish lighting company LZF is arguably one of the most compellingly beautiful lamps ever made. As light as a feather, this object 'd art is composed of organically sculptural moebius strips piles on top of each other producing an aesthetic object that is at once breath-taking and as thought-provoking as an Escher print. The curvilinear forms suggest any number of natural objects, but, to my eye, reference Alvar Aalto's iconic vase, another classic of 20th century design.

When the lamp is turned on (pictured), the grain of the wood veneer is displayed in all its material beauty. It is my belief that the best modern art objects are the rare ones that offer the poetry and deep pleasure inherent in simple forms brought to life by materials that speak loudly of a beauty absent and fleeting from a life unexamined. This lamp, like John Cage's "silence," offers an opportunity to embrace a magical world.

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  1. Thank you so mush for you beautiful text...
    love it.
    All the best from Lzf.