Sunday, November 27, 2011

AMNESIA : no fun fest 2009

My brother discovered my unused ticket to NO FUN FEST 2009. Unused because I found myself deathly ill on that particular sunday, a rarity for me, but my fever did not allow me to leave my bed that day! My brother ventured to Williamsburg alone with hopes of being immersed in noisicians' heaven. He did get to speak to Giffoni and Rehberg (of Mego fame), but the late Conrad Schnitzler was not to be seen or heard (Keith Fullerton Whitman stood in for him). Skullflower was much less than the hype would imply, as was Kevin Drumm. The Emeralds doodled around until something sort of jelled according to my brother and Merzbow cancelled!
That particular sunday night, as remembered by my brother, promised much, but delivered much less. Still, I would have loved to been at the seemingly last NO FUN FEST to grace Brooklyn.

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