Saturday, November 6, 2010


Incite/ Inconicity(Electroton 3"cd) is a 25 minute surprize!
In an environment filled with Raster-Noton sound-a-likes, and minimal electronic cd's that actively demonstrate that less is indeed less, Iconicity is a compelling listen, one that is populated with impressive detail. "Escape Mechanism" leads off with broken beats, belching synth lines, and unexpected vapour bursts. Monochrome mayhem ensues and then, abruptly stops. The tenor of Iconicity is set by these elements and their variation. Embued with sonic detail, evocative and disturbing, Iconicity's 5 tracks, concentrated with clustered waveforms and pulses, are simply luminous. The Wire(June 2010) stated that the title track recalled Allen Ravenstine's synth "interventions" from Pere Ubu's New Picnic Time, all aleatoric sprawling synth shreds and sprays thrown into the mix accompanied by a halting beat...a landscape of concussive vapour trailed beauty. Iconicity makes a powerful statement for minimal electronica rounded with assaultingly noisy intention worth quite a few listens.

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