Saturday, November 20, 2010

Don Hassler's Activation of the 5-HT2A and Opioid Receptors is at once a noisy maelstrom, and a study of minute sonic particles that have, as the title suggests, the potential to induce pain and bliss. Mr. Hassler, hunched over his machinery, weilds the power of both the Buchla 200e and the EMS Synthi creating a music that, like Masimi Akita(Merzbow), can be an electronic sledge-hammer pummeling the listener with negative beauty. But where Masami mercilessly pummels, Hassler invites the listener to investigate minute detail, fleeting moments of carefully brushed on microscopic frequency painting. The first track scratches the listener with itchy darting pulses, while the second track starts with a sonic squall, interrupted by enveloping noise waves that press up against the listener with short gentle interludes that promise rest from the tumult. Track four, all shivering pulses and animated synth jabs that dive deep into the mix and, without warning, re-surface chasing their ourobourous tails. Track eight, The wild-type & opioid receptor, is held together with a repeated 5-note glitchy motif acting as the skeletal structure against which Hassler sculptes dive-bombing frenetic pulses. Unlike much electronic/noise music. Mr. Hassler's art BREATHES and is organically ALIVE. Ultimately, to paraphrase William Blake, Don Hassler's mersmerizing excess-driven journey leads to bliss-filled epiphany. SUPPORT THE ARTIST! More at

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