Thursday, July 29, 2010


Playing a bit with my Serge Creature/Seq A combo, I came up with this lulled piece of music. Somewhat ambient in nature, but decidedly containining an element of "negative beauty" in the form of puffs of LFO white noise from the Doepfer Dark Energy and the ::VTOL:: duo of the Corvax and Volfram synths. One of those pieces that seems to come out of no-where, this slice of cosmic fabric could possibly be un-ending, seemingly vast in nature, but at the same time, intimate and delicate, almost a wisp of sound. I'm reminded of Robert Ryman's white "all-over" paintings; those with visual acuity search for imperfection, small visual events to challenge our perception of their "purity." LISTEN...Thanks Rex, Dima, and heir Doepfer.

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