Thursday, March 25, 2010


The Oto Machines Biscuit is an 8-bit effects processor that goes way beyond my Alesis Bitrman in terms of exploratory sonic choices and pleasingly ravaging morphing capabilities. With awe-inspiring bit-reduction capabilities comes pitch-shifting, delay, a filter step-sequencer, wave-shaping, and a filter with LP, BP, and HP settings. Though all this does not come cheap (about $600), with a somewhat limited availability from the wonderful people from BIG CITY MUSIC (thanks Roger!), it is certainly worth it! The multi-function controls offer far-reaching sonic potential, from subtle glitches and grime-ridden, over-driven overtones to the most apocalyptic frequencies imaginable...and it has true by-pass. Subtle knob movements create new worlds! Now, to paraphrase David Thomas of Pere Ubu, we do indeed have the technology!...and we're going to joyfully use it!

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