Saturday, January 26, 2013

Andrew Chalk : forty-nine views in rhapsodies' wave serene

Andrew Chalk's Forty-Nine Views In Rhapsodies' Wave Serene (Faraway Press) presents, using limited instrumentation(Polivoks synth, piano and organ), a microscopic world teeming with life and a wealth of inviting sonic detail. The aural equivalent of snapshots taken with a debased analogue camera, these 49 tracks remind the listener of the crumbling landscapes from Andrei Tarkovsky's masterpiece Stalker, haunted by memories that spawn a labyrinth of longings that drift and dissolve, and then start again with the next track. With titles like Halo Dispersed,  Sleeping Stillness, Land Of Nod, and Seaward Flow, Mr. Chalk makes his intention to present a liminal museum of miniatures, chipped with age, but imbued with poetry's patina, abundantly and compellingly clear. This is art that offers us an opportunity for epiphany. We should be thankful.

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