Sunday, August 7, 2011

SAMPLE & HOLD : kangding ray / or

The cold austerity of much Raster-Noton product is not in evidence here! Kangding Ray's OR exhibits a warmth that is not only suggestive of analogue processes, but also of a poetic humanity that from track to track is beguilingly inviting. David Letellier insists that his work is a critique of modern civilization gone awry, and certainly the title's monetary suggestion may be just that. But it is simply so seductively beautiful...electronic music with the heart of french cinema, a primordial mythology that underpins european culture and contains a sadness that is at once beautiful and aching. To bring this aching beauty to the fore, in the piece "Pruitt Igoe" the tragedy of Echo and Narcissus is referenced, lovers doomed from the start.

This 2011 release from Kangding Ray is even more topical considering the present economic woes of the European Union. Mr. Letellier provides a beautiful soundtrack for immolation.

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