Friday, October 29, 2010

SAMPLE & HOLD : hassler / butcher

Purchased from artist/musician Jason R. Butcher about a week ago, Hopelessly.Convoluted Agitated.Elements, a demanding statement arising from chaotic synthesis techniques realized with the use of a pair of Buchlas and possibly an EMS Synthi, is an ear-wretching statement of sonic intention that bites into you and never lets go. Patterns poke their heads out from a sea of feedback loops that chisel and jab at you with what seems like malevalent intent. As patterns develop to speak in an arcane language similiar to the linear rantings of painter Cy Twombly's chaotic expressions, the listener, tangled in these agitated elements, is awe-struck by the negative beauty of man/machine. SUPPORT THE ARTIST!

Hassler/Butcher - ConSec (EC: 34X 'OTHER PICTURE NOISE PROBLEM') from Jason R. Butcher on Vimeo.

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