Sunday, June 20, 2010


Only produced for a few years(1977-78), the Oberheim OB-1 was the first analog monosynth to provide memory for storing patches. This may be a debatable point with the PPG 1003 in production in 1976, though with only about 10 of these made, it seems like a point hardly worthy of consideration! The OB-1 is somewhat rare,but this powerful monosynth can be found, though usually not in the condition mine is in, which is very fine indeed!(though the keyboard tranpose switch did not work, Davidson Electronics on Long Island brought it back to life. Thanks Corey!) Bass and lead sound are very impressive; the filter is quite powerful with both 2 and 4 pole operation available. Cross-modulation , similar to the Arp 2600, can produce wacked-out metallic ring-mod effects. When used in tandum with the pitch-bend lever, the cross-mod becomes an even more powerful device for producing dystopian disharmony! This is one powerful, and FAT monosynth!

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