Sunday, February 28, 2010


::Vtol:: is a project founded by musician/artist Dimitriy Morozov who resides in Moscow. He is also a creative builder of circuit bent and beautiful diy electronic instruments such as the Robosynth, the Astat glitch generator, and the subject of this blog entry, the Volfram, a semi-modular noise synthesizer and fx processor. According to Dimitriy, my new Volfram is the first of his units to make it to the United States, and I am excited and honored to be his first american customer! This patchable mini-synth is alot of fun to play with, small knob movments creating immense changes in evolving sonic detrius and waves of synthetic mayhem!...not bad for such a small unit! ::vtol:: is scheduled to play at Bent 2010 this april offering us the opportunity to see Dimitriy produce his magic live. Until then I'll be delightfully trying new patches and turning the Volfram's nine knobs coaxing new noises out of the fantastic little box. Check out his website at for Volfram demos, as well as Vimeo and YouTube. Keep checking for new ether^ra videos on YouTube using the Volfram as the primary sound source. Email Dimitriy at for info, availability and pricing.

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